How can I place an order?

order a license buy thinstuff license thinstuff license

  1. Please login into your Thinstuff Account. You can create a new account here if you haven’t done it yet.

  2. After successful login you will see all available products - scroll to your favourite product and click on “Add to cart”.

    Thinstuff Webshop

  3. Your selected product will appear in the cart on the top left of the page. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” to start your purchase.

    Thinstuff Cart

  4. To continue please agree to our terms and conditions by clicking on “I agree…..” and place the order by clicking on “Place your order and continue with payment”.

    Thinstuff Cart

  5. In the next screen you can select payment - either credit card, PayPal or manual bank transfer. Your license and invoice will be generated as soon as payment has succeeded.

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    If you want to become a Thinstuff Reseller or for more informations about Thinstuff Partners please contact us.

  • What payment options are supported?

    For payment we accept credit card (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal and bank transfer.

  • How can I upgrade my license?

    In this guide we will show you how to upgrade your license.

  • How can I find my invoice?

    Where can I the invoice for my order?

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