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During the activation process, some information of the hardware is transferred to the web server, which generates the license file. Once this process is completed, the download of new license starts automatically.

Now it is important that your web browser allows this download! Either the download is prevented, sometimes pop-up are even suppressed, which points out that files are ready for download. Then - of course - you have the impression as if the activation process had not been executed.

In any case, you have the option to download the license manually (click top right -> “My Licenses”).
In the list you will find your favourite license file. Save the license file locally, open with double-click - the license will be imported automatically into the XP/VS Server Administrator.

If you want to perform the activation process again, the license must be released for activation In this case please write an email to “” with your license ID and the reason and we will release your license for reactivation (for free).

Activate XP/VS Server License

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