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Will XP/VS Terminal Server run in an Azure virtual machine?

Yes, of course.

However, please keep following in mind:

Usually Azure uses RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to access any running virtual machine on this service. It’s important to know that if “Remote Desktop Service” (RDP) is not available or might fail for whatever reason - there is no access to that server!

Sometimes there are Windows updates which might get you locked out, our service crashes or our license is invalid. Please consider to have any fallback method for accessing those virtual machines in such rare cases e.g Openssh, Powershell, etc.

If you use a virtualization platform, please always assign a static MAC-Address to the primary network adapter of your VM before you install XP/VS Terminal Server or activate your license.

In case our license should get invalid (Invalid hardware key) you can release the license up to three times by yourself:

Reactivate/Transfer a license

Last updated: 21 Sep 2021

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