TSX Scan

Scan directly with any TWAIN or WIA application from any client attached scanner over the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Version 1.1.370 • Windows • 97 MB •   Changelog

Driverless scanner redirection

With TSX Scan you can simply forward the scanner from the client to the server within a RDP session. It does not require any driver installation of the scanner on the server.

Especially developed for multi-user environments such as XP/VS Terminal Server and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and the scanner is always assigned to one unique user. This makes TSX Scan ideal for medical environments.

All latest Windows operating systems are supported.

Highly efficient compression to reduce network traffic.

Free 14-day
trial version.

Reducenetwork traffic

The scan jobs are compressed, reducing network traffic up to 90%. TSX Scan creates a virtual channel within the Remote Desktop session. The scan job is performed on the client side and only the scanned data is transfered to the server to the RDP session.

TSX Scan is licensed for “named clients”, which means that every TSX Scan client connecting to your server will automatically reserve a slot for the client. This reservation is as long valid until you delete it manually.

Support for Windows 11

May 27, 2024 - Please update TSX Scan to the latest version 1.1.370!

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A "driver-less" solution for scanner redirection over Remote Desktop connections


Uses highly efficient compression for transmitting scan jobs over the network

Open Standard

Supports the full TWAIN 2.0 standard

Multi-user support

Multiple users can scan concurrently

Remote Audio

Remote audio from server to client in Remote Desktop sessions (audio downstream)*

Remote Desktop Client

Supports the standard Windows Remote Desktop Connection client


Works with Microsoft Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services and Thinstuff XP/VS Server

Virtual Environments

Can be used in any virtual environment: XEN Desktop, VMWARE Workstation, Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Amazon, Virtual Box etc.


Support for any client attached TWAIN or WIA enabled devices like e.g. scanners, webcams, digital cameras etc.

Windows •  97 MB

Download TSX Scan for
Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 or later.

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Need help getting started?

In case you need help getting started with TSX Scan, you can find the user manual here.

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