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Downloading XP/VS Terminal Server for Windows

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Quick-start guide


1. After successful installation of XP/VS Server you have to reboot your PC. The installation package includes a 14-days trial license to evaluate if our software suits your requirements. You might also want to activate a purchased license (step-by-step guide in our FAQ: Activate XPVS Server).

2. Go to "Computer" -> right click "Properties" - Remote settings:

  1. Enable remote access
  2. Add those users to remote user group who are allowed to login remotely !

(Except on Windows Home Edtions)

3. To connect to the Terminal Server you will need the machine's IP-address.

If you connect within the LAN/ WLAN you will need the "internal IP-address" --> Click "Start - Run - Enter: cmd.exe to enter the Command Prompt. Enter command: ipconfig --> the IP-address will be shown.

If you connect from outside your network you will need the "external IP-address". However, when connecting from outside it might be necessary to setup port-forwarding on your router.


You can use any client application that supports the RDP protocol to connect to XP/VS Terminal Server.

On Windows there is already a pre-installed RDP Client, called Remote Destkop connection (mstsc.exe).
--> Start - All Programs - Accessories - "Remote Desktop Connection" Enter IP-address (="Computer") and connect.

However, you can also use our TSX Client, which has some advantages compared to the preinstalled Remote Desktop client application.

User manual

Further information you will find in the XP/VS Terminal Server Manual or at our FAQ page.

New XP/VS Server release!

Support for Windows 10 20H1

Latest Version: 1.0.906
2020, June 17

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