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iRdesktop - XP/VS Server Promotion

iRdesktop - XP/VS Server Promotion

We have a special discount for iRdesktop users:
A single session XP/VS Terminal Server version which allows 1 console + 1 RDP session, even on Windows XP Home, Vista Home and Vista Home Premium!

To get your promotion code you must install the iRdesktop application from Apple's app store on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Open the iRdesktop application and press the "XPVS Terminal Server Solution" button to see the promotion code marked in blue.

To get your special discount, please enter the promotion code in the text entry below and then press the "Get It!" button to proceed.

Standard product price:
EUR 29,90
US$ 39,90

Special promotion price:
19.90 EUR
26.90 USD

Enter your promotion code here: